May 5, 2003

Texas Baptist Men team to purify water in rural Iraq
___By Ken Camp
___Texas Baptist Communications
___DALLAS--A nine-member crew of Baptist volunteers will spend up to two weeks in May seeking to provide pure water for isolated areas in Iraq.
___Relief workers from at least a half-dozen states will assemble water purification units and train Iraqis how to use them. Five water purification units, provided through Southern Baptist gifts, already have been crated and shipped to the region by volunteers in the Houston area. Another five units are scheduled for shipment in the immediate future.
___"We will be in southern Iraq working in remote areas away from the cities," said Dick Talley of Dallas, logistics coordinator for Texas Baptist Men. "We'll be purifying water in rural areas along the Euphrates River."
___Meanwhile, Southern Baptists are continuing to collect food boxes for needy families in Iraq. For less than $60, a church can fill a box with 70 pounds of dry food that will feed an Iraqi family of five for about a month, according to representatives of the Southern Baptist International Mission Board.
___Baptist World Aid, the relief and development arm of the Baptist World Alliance, has provided $5,000 to the Jordan Baptist Convention for relief work among Iraqi refugees, and it has provided an additional $5,000 to a network of Middle Eastern churches providing relief.
___The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship has explored a partnership with the Jordanian Evangelical Committee for Relief and Development, and CBF plans to work among the Kurds in northern Iraq once the U.S. military grants clearance.
___"We have not placed volunteers yet but plan to look for appropriate ways for them to be engaged, such as training medical staff at several Iraqi universities," said David Harding, CBF coordinator for emergency response.

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