Articles related to terrorist attacks

Baylor graduates reported unhurt by Afghanistan bombing


Destination changed for ministry in New York
Missionaries find outpouring for support
Theologians search for answers after terrorist attacks
Be thou my vision: Nothing could prepare for this sight
The many faces of trauma
From Congress to church, people are looking to Psalm 46

Baylor grads still detained in Afghanistan
Texas volunteers put their flexibility to the test in NYC
Baylor Hospital calls for understanding
Baylor forum offers insights on peace, justice
Beaumont church revives song to address tragedy
Texans among chaplains in New York
Baptist chaplains prepare military
HBU officials apologize for speaker
NAMB offers video explaining basics of Islam

Texas Baptists turn to prayer & Bible as nation mourns
Baptist workers spring into action after attack
Baptist chaplain aids others after narrow miss
Experts: Children need normal schedule to calm
Day of prayer for Baptists set for Sept. 26
Falwell, Robertson criticized
Baptist sermons grapple with tragedy.

Wayne Grant

Brett Younger:
Terry Cosby
Milton ferguson
Henry Lucenay
Charles Walton
Down Home
A historical reminder

Berry D. Simpson:
He Said/ She Said
Down Home

Signs of hope amid the darkness

Bad Theology, not to mention mean

God saves us, suffers with us

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