April 8, 2002

The 5,100 missionaries appointed by the Southern Baptist Convention's International Mission
Board are being required to affirm the controversial Baptist Faith & Message 2000.
Latest developments are listed below.

bluebullEl Paso missionary recalls Rankin pledged no signing 4/8
bluebullMissionaries explain reasons for not signing BF&M 4/8
bluebullRankin expects most missionaries to sign; trustees commend Rankin 3/25
bluebullHas IMB changed requirements? 3/11
bluebullMissionaries express concern in e-mails 3/11
IMB says BGCT 'manufacturing crisis' 3/4
Fund set up to help missionaries in BF&M crisis 3/4
No creed being imposed -- Jerry Rankin 3/4
Practice missionary empathy 2/25
bluebullPeril of a man-made document 2/11
BF&M not litmus test, Rankin says 2/18
bluebullConscience vs. continuation 2/4
bluebullMissionaries must sign 2/4

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