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April 8, 2001

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Rock gone from ear,
but mystery remains
___ Luke insists he has no idea how the rock got in his ear.
___ Inquiring minds want to know, but he is steadfast in his story now: It just appeared while he was listening to his teacher read a story last Tuesday afternoon.
___ At the time, Alison was off running a mission of mercy for a friend who is laid up with a broken ankle. Ironically, I was next door to Luke's classroom, in Garrett's classroom, where I was giving a talk about newspapers.
___ Meanwhile, the school nurse was trying to reach Alison at home and me at work to no avail. Finally, I
got a message from Garrett's teacher to stop by the nurse's office and see Luke.
___ There he sat with a befuddled nurse who is trained to handle all manner of kid ailments, bumps and bruises. "This is beyond what I can do," she confessed.
___ Then she pulled out her lighted ear scope and showed me the culprit--a brownish pebble lodged way back in his ear canal, just before it drops off to the uttermost parts of the head.
___ As I took him home to call the doctor, one of our neighbors yelled at us from her front porch: "Does Luke still have the rock in his ear?"
___ "How does she know?" Luke asked me.
___ "This is a small neighborhood, and news travels fast," I explained without telling him he was destined to be the talk of the school for days to come.
___ At the doctor's office, the nurse suppressed a laugh when she learned why we were there. The doctor smiled knowingly as he read the chart where she had written something like "rock in right ear--doesn't know how it got there."
___ The doctor flashed me a kind "we know the truth" look as Luke matter-of-factly answered again: "I don't know how it got there."
___ Thankfully, the doctor was able to remove the pebble quickly and with only a little pain to Luke.
___ But even he couldn't solve the larger mystery of how that rock landed in a boy's right ear.

___Luke's explanation to us was "I don't know how it got there." But to his teacher he said he fell down in the rocks on the playground and it must have gotten in his ear at that time. She didn't buy that one, so I guess that's why he didn't try it out on us.
___ But now, Luke is sticking to his story of "I don't know" no matter what. When he looked over my shoulder just now and saw what I was writing, he demanded editing rights to make sure the truth was told. When I asked him what the truth was, he replied: "The truth is I don't know."
___ Of course, this wasn't the only strange occurrence for our creative son last week. The day before the rock incident, he was the talk of a friend's birthday party when he got his arm stuck in a cup holder at the movie theater. Yes, that convenient little hole next to your seat where you can put your drink. Luke decided to put his whole arm in it up to the elbow. One of the mothers present had to grease his arm down with soap to get it out.
___ His explanation for that one? "I was watching the last of the movie, and the next thing I knew, my arm was stuck in the cup holder."
___ In the meantime I was praying for the week to be over before we ended up in the emergency room. What weird thing was going to happen next?
___ Thank goodness the rest of the week was uneventful.
___ While we may not be able to keep our boys from finding rocks in their ears, we hope that won't keep them from hearing God's word so that they can say with confidence, "I do know." And maybe Luke won't ignore the rock in his ear but see the proverbial plank in his brother's eye.


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