News articles
Missouri onvention in turmoil as committees make sweeping change (8/20/01)
Three NAMB administrators leave due to BF&M (8/13/01)
728 Texans went to New Orleans (8/6/01)
Texas trustee of IMB sent to prison for fraud (8/6/01)
Shurden examines CBF's "decade of destiny" (7/30/01)
BF&M cited in crusade to oust Florida church (7/30/01)
Texas Baptists Committed to focus on prayer, missions (7/30/01)
Will the real fundamentalists please stand up? (7/23/01)
Criswell College becomes first institution of SBTC (7/9/01)
BP story inaccurate about Texas funds for seminaries
Carter calls on "traditional" Baptists to move on (7/9/01)
Merritt re-elected SBC president, defends convention's course (6/18/01)
SBC turns back three tries to amend 2000 BF&M (6/18/01)
Kentucky readies for showdown (6/4/01)
Ad series seeks to correct record (6/4/01)
Misions study gets favorable reception (5/28/01)
Texas native resigns as IMB regional leader (5/28/01
BGCT leaders denounce Baptist Press report
Guidelines of Missouri nominating committee questioned (5/21/01)
Two SBC leaders respond to report (5/21/01)
Paper identitifies two Southwestern professors who son't sign (5/7/01)
Eight of 11 SBC nomines are from SBTC (5/7/01)
Baptist Press speculation proved innaccurate (5/7/01)
Study Committee urges new negotiations with NAMB (5/7/01)
BGCT missions study committee recommends modest changes (5/7/01)
Answers to commonly asked questions about the BGCT (4/30/01)
Church members given fraudulent facts (4/30/01)
Southern Baptists of Texas lists affiliated churches (4/30/01)
BGCT says churches misled by lies and distortions (4/30/01)
First-quarter Cooperative Program giving in Texas shows mixed report (4/16/01)
Texas seminaries still waiting for new funds as churches ponder choices (4/16/01)
Annuity Board won't serve churches breaking ties with SBC (3/19/01)
BGCT grew in 2000, despite loss of some churches (3/12/01)
Southwestern approves budget with no projected lost funds from Texas (3/12/01)
Two Southwestern faculty holding out on signing faith statement (3/12/01)
BGCT committee won't recommend change in Texas funding for International Mission Board (3/5/01)
CBF participants to vote on creating more specific membership policies (3/5/01)
Faith statement not creedal, Hemphill says (2/26/01)
"Hold the Baptist vision high," Wade tells Mainstream group (2/12/01)
Mainstream Baptists taking shape as national network (2/12/01)
Alternative convention wants ties to BGCT agencies (2/12/01)
BGCT treasurer stands by statements (2/5/01)
SBC appeals to churches to bypass BGCT-approved budget (1/29/01)
IMB missionaries required to accept, but not sign, Baptist Faith & Message (1/29/01)
Southwestern Seminary profs almost finished signing Baptist Faith & Message (1/15/01)
Texas Baptists Committed urges BGCT to divest income from SBC (1/15/01)

International Mission Board told not to worry about Texas (12/4/00)
New cooperative giving options outlined (11/27/00)
New state group tightens relationship to SBC (11/20/00)
Complete coverage of the 2000 BGCT annual session in Corpus Christi (11/6/00)
Numbers show Texas leaders continue to support SBC missions (10/30/00)
1995 memo notes SBC leaders' concern about Texas (10/30/00)
Jimmy Carter "can no longer be associated" with SBC (10/30/00)
Chapman and Wade differ over breakdown of last-minute talks (10/16/00)
Golden Gate Seminary plans budget cut, blames BGCT (10/16/00)
Integrity Committee assails SBC mailing & website (10/9/00)
Ken Hemphill urges students to be messengers to BGCT, vote (10/9/00)
International Mission Board trustees oppose BGCT proposal (10/9/00)
Baylor University regents applaud BGCT proposals (10/2/00)
Committee Chairman Bob Campbell calls claims against Texas study "ludicrous" (10/2/00)
BGCT Executive Board approves budget changes (10/2/00)
SBC Executive Committee responds to BGCT proposal (9/25/00)
Directors of missions meet SBC leaders at Southwestern Seminary and plead for unity (9/25/00)
Texas ministries need the support that could result from redirecting funds (9/25/00)
SBC leaders say Texas can't change funding plan without destroying the Cooperative Program--and a package of stories regarding the BGCT funding-change proposal (9/18/00)
Baptist Faith & Message "non-negotiable" at SBC seminaries (9/4/00)
Vestal disputes Baptist Press reports, says Cooperative Baptist Fellowship never has supported homosexuality (7/31/00)
Some question whether words put back in Baptist Faith & Message mean the same thing (7/17/00)
SBC headed toward creedalism, Wade says, and Texas won't go (6/26/00)

Baptists have debated creeds & confessions for years (6/26/00)
Difference between creeds & confessions seen in application (6/26/00)
What would Jesus do? What does Bible say? -- SBC '00 wrapup (6/19/00)
SBC declines to create unity committee (6/19/00)
Revised statement will guide employment (6/19/00)
Vestal rebuts SBC language on women (6/12/00)
Baptist Faith & Message changes touch on Bible, gender, sexuality (5/22/00)
Wade and others from BGCT meet with SBC leadership in Fort Worth (4/17/00)
Mohler criticizes Mullins' influence and doctrine of soul competency (4/17/00)
… and nothing but the truth: A package of stories that examines the literature campaign aimed at maligning BGCT leadership (2/23/00)

Speeches: Texts

Charles Wade addresses the 2000 BGCT annual session in Corpus Christi (11/13/00)
Bill Hendricks, former professor of theology at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, delivers an essay on Baptist faith and practice (7/31/00)
Jim Denison, pastor of Park Cities Baptist Church in Dallas, proposes how to end the Baptist battles (7/31/00)

Speeches: Audio
Three leaders -- Charles Wade, Clyde Glazener and Jim Denison -- address the 2000 Baptist General Convention of Texas annual session in Corpus Christi (10/30-31/00)
Jeane Law, immediate past president of Woman's Missionary Union of Texas, discusses missions needs with the BGCT Executive Board

Speeches: Video
Two Texas Baptists -- Charles Wade and Anthony Sisemore -- speak from the floor of the 2000 SBC annual meeting regarding the revised Baptist Faith & Message.

Report of the Mission-sending Agencies Study Committee to the BGCT Executive Board (5/7/01)
Seminary study report available for download as a pdf file.

Other Resources
Analysis of the Baptist Faith & Message 2000 by Russell Dilday (4/30/01)
2000 Baptist Faith & Message: A complete text of the document
Side-by-side comparison of the 2000 Baptist Faith & Message and the amended 1963 BF&M and the 1925 BF&M
States relate to BF&M: A chart detailing state convention actions regarding the 2000 Baptist Faith & Message (11/27/00)
Giving Q&A: Commonly asked questions regarding the BGCT's new giving option (11/27/00)
Where the money goes: A chart detailing the "Texas preferred" BGCT Cooperative Program budget, approved at the 2000 BGCT annual session (9/18/00)

Editorials & Columns
Editorial: Covenant could cut confusion (8/27/01)
A flawed commentary, by Kenneth Keathley (7/23/01)
A confusing state of affairs, by Mike Clingenpeel (7/9/01)
Editorial: Issues unite, positions divide SBC (6/18/01)
Editorial: Your SBC contributions at work (6/4/01)
Editorial: Find truth under swirling shells (5/21/01)
What -- or who -- is the BGCT? (4/30/01)
Churches' decisions unfold slowly (4/16/01)
Baptists protect both their "children": truth & liberty (4/16/01)
Christians need to keep talking (4/2/01)
We must worship only one God (3/5/01)
God is blessing Texas Baptists; be sure to get the facts (2/26/01)
Like it or not, fire must be reported (2/19/01)
Sheep-stealing and cattle-rustling (2/12/01)
Is it worth the struggle to maintain Baptist identity? (1/15/01)

BGCT giving form to respect church freedom (11/27/00)
Churches "vote" on BGCT ministries (11/20/00)
Texans have not "dismantled" the Cooperative Program (11/13/00)
Annual session leads Texas Baptists to go forward (11/6/00)
Decision made; history awaits (11/6/00)
Whatever happens, love for Jesus compels Baptists (10/30/00)
Ask God to bring Texas Baptists revival out of distress (10/23/00)
Churches can "deal with this issue" (10/23/00)
Virtues describe "the heart" of Texas Baptists' identity (10/16/00)
Lose-lose trap threatens Texans (10/16/00)
Ask God to bring Baptists a dose of "more sense" (10/9/00)
Pray, pay attention as crucial decisions are made (10/2/00)
Be a Baptist: Study issues and vote (10/2/00)
Texas Baptists face options regarding difficult issues (9/25/00)
Mission needs worthy of spotlight (9/25/00)
Seek God's leadership concerning Baptist options (9/18/00)
Look past sadness toward hope (9/18/00)
Texas convention targeted by Southern Baptist leaders (9/11/00)
False choices trap Baptists in corner (9/11/00)
Constitution directs Texas Baptists to work together (8/14/00)
Lessons from Paul and Barnabas (8/14/00)
Investment in Texas mission field yields eternal rewards (8/7/00)
Budget reflects matters of the heart (8/7/00)
"Will the BGCT split from the SBC?" (7/10/00)
Jesus is the standard by which we interpret Scripture (6/26/00)
Seek to preserve true, abiding Baptist principles (6/19/00)
Debate distills decades of division (6/19/00)
Doctrines of Baptist identity not included in proposal (6/12/00)
Proposal may widen Baptist divide (5/29/00)
Do we need slaves and a pope? (4/17/00)


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