March 18, 2002

On the move
___bluebull Zach Tomlinson to Westwood Church in Woodway as youth director.
___bluebull Jeff Stehl to Bethel Church in Nocona as minister of youth.
___bluebull Tom Williams to Knobbs Springs Church in McDade as minister of music.
___bluebull Ralph Powers to First Church in Lyons as pastor.
___bluebull Ronnie Rogers to Memorial Church in Denton as pastor.
___bluebull Stephen Kim has resigned as pastor of Grace Family Church in Lewisville.
___bluebull Will Lewis has resigned as pastor of North Metro Church in Lewisville.
___bluebull Donovan Davidson has resigned as pastor of Grace Temple Church in Denton.
___bluebull David Tankersley to Center City Church in Goldthwaite as pastor.
___bluebull Wayne Allen to Fairview Church in Grand Prairie as interim pastor.
___bluebull Karl Fickling to Colonial Hills Church in Cedar Hill as intentional interim pastor.
___bluebull Clay Hopkins to Crestview Church in Midland as minister of education/single adults. He was minister to students there.
___bluebull Bill Pinson to First Church in Longview as interim pastor.
___bluebull Barry Miller to Columbus Avenue Church in Waco as minister of activities/missions.
___bluebull David Taylor to Temple Church in Clute as pastor from College Avenue Church in McGregor.
___bluebull Jason Bien to First Church in Brookshire as youth minister.
___bluebull Darrell Tomasek to First Church in Ganado as pastor from First Church in Louise.
___bluebull Jason Sandefer to First Church in Gholson as minister of youth.
___bluebull Jonathan Hicks to Western Heights Church in Waco as minister of youth.
___bluebull Bobby Erickson to First Church in Woodway as associate pastor and minister to college students.
___bluebull Tom Clark to Grace Temple Church in Waco as pastor.
___bluebull Les Atkins to Calvary Church in Post as pastor from West 22nd Street Church in Granite City, Ill.
___bluebull Freeman Burns to Temple Church in Amarillo as intentional interim pastor.
___bluebull Jimmy Allen has resigned as pastor of First Church in Oglesby.
___bluebull Josh Allen has resigned as youth minister at First Church in Oglesby.

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