May 22, 2000

Evangelism training session
interrupted to baptize five
___By George Henson
___Staff Writer
___AUSTIN--Five members of the kitchen and custodial staff at Hyde Park Baptist Church in Austin were so excited about their new-found faith in Christ that a special Tuesday afternoon baptism was held.
___One of the people who was baptized that day had attended Easter services and had made a commitment to Christ but came to Associate Pastor Alan Damron wanting to clear up a few questions. Damron and the Hyde Park ministerial staff were going through FAITH evangelism training that day in preparation for taking the church through the program in the fall.
___Soon after Damron and the church worker finished their conversation, the man returned with another man. Damron said they talked for a while until talking in Spanish got the better of him, and another man was called in to aid the communication. Before the day was over, two people from the custodial staff and three from the kitchen staff had become Christians. All were baptized at the church that day.
___The training facilitator told Damron he had often seen FAITH training lead to conversions the first time groups went out, but this was his first experience with it happening during the training session.
___FAITH is a Sunday School-based focus on evangelism promoted by LifeWay Christian Resources. It has been successfully used in many Texas Baptists churches to increase evangelistic outreach, professions of faith and baptisms.

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