May 15, 2000

Hispanic leader Epifanio Salazar dead at 74
___Epifanio Salazar, a leader of Texas Baptists as a pastor, home missionary and denominational leader for many years, died May 9 at age 74.
___Salazar served 22 years as a missionary with the Home Mission Board and 29 years as a pastor.
___Salazar's ministry included work at Baptist missions in Baird, Winters, Round Rock, Brady and Fort Worth. He also was pastor at First Mexican Baptist Church in Waco, Primera Iglesia Bautista in Lubbock, Segunda Iglesia Bautista in Corpus Christi and Primera Iglesia Bautista in El Paso. He also was active as an interim pastor and served for 10 years as a missionary in New Mexico.
___In addition to his work in the United States, Salazar was active as an evangelist in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Chile, Panama and the Dominican Republic.
___He also served as a trustee of Hispanic Theological Seminary, Spanish Baptist Publishing House and Benito Juarez Baptist Children's Home.
___He is survived by his wife, Frances; sons, Joel and Orlando; daughter, Rabina Torres; sister, Valentina Garza; and three grandchildren.
___Funeral services were at Castle Hills First Baptist Church in San Antonio.

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