March 8, 2000

IMB appointment service in Fort Worth
___FORT WORTH--More than 30 candidates for missionary service around the world are slated to be appointed by the Southern Baptist International Mission Board March 31 at 7 p.m. at Travis Avenue Baptist Church in Fort Worth.
___The service, which is open to the public, is the highlight of Global Missions Week, a triennial event sponsored jointly by Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and the IMB.
___"It's a time to saturate the campus with information on what God is doing around the world and how students can be involved in missions," said the IMB manager of event coordination. "It will speak to the unique needs found on the Southwestern campus."
___Among the appointees are several Fort Worth-area natives and graduates of Southwestern Seminary.
___Mark and Kristie Aderholt, of Canyon and San Antonio, respectively, are preparing to coordinate mission work in Hungary in cooperation with the Hungarian Baptist Union.
___After serving as an International Service Corps missionary to Norway and Romania through the IMB, Aderholt and his wife, who also served as an International Service Corps missionary to Russia, responded to God's call to return to Eastern Europe.
___"It was in Norway that God taught me to fall in love with ministry, but it was in Romania that God taught me to fall in love with missions," Aderholt said. "To my surprise, he also began to instill within me a heart for the mistreated, deceived and despondent people of Central and Eastern Europe."
___Irving native David Saine found his call to missions intertwined with his profession as a chiropractor.
___"I wanted to be a doctor in order to help people," he said. "The more I was exposed to people's various health problems, I found myself having a very strong concern for their spiritual state as well."
___After a mission trip to Ivory Coast, Saine and his wife, Lisa, felt ready for missions service. The couple is planning to work in Tanzania among the Rufigi/Ndengereko people.

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