March 8, 2000

Baptist Briefs
___bluebull Belmont names president. Robert Fisher, vice president for academic affairs at Arkansas State University since 1996, has been elected president of Belmont University, a Baptist school in Nashville, Tenn. Previously, Fisher served 10 years as dean of Henderson State University's school of business in Arkadelphia, Ark.
___bluebull Southwestern honors three. W.A. Bradshaw, James McCaleb and Bill James were named distinguished alumni of the School of Church Music at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Feb. 18. Bradshaw recently retired from the staff of the Baptist Convention of New Mexico. McCaleb is a retired bivocational music minister. James recently retired after 33 years as minister of music at Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas.
___bluebull Vandals target church over anti-gay message. The property of Seminole Heights Baptist Church in Tampa, Fla., was defaced with graffiti apparently because of a publicized conference aimed at converting homosexuals. Someone used pink spray paint to vandalize exterior walls of the church Feb. 13, according to the Tampa Tribune. The graffiti included the message, "Tired of being Baptist?" That apparently satirized an advertisement that ran in the Tampa newspaper headlined, "Tired of being Gay?" The ad, along with two others, was for a Focus on the Family Conference on how to prevent young people from becoming gay. The conference was to be held at another Baptist church.
___bluebull Land challenges McCain. Southern Baptist Convention leader Richard Land lashed out at Republican presidential hopeful John McCain March 1, calling McCain's recent comments about Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson "despicable." McCain said Robertson and Falwell are "agents of intolerance" and an "evil influence" on the Republican Party. "I don't agree with Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell about many things, but to compare them to Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton, who are racists and hate-mongers, and then to follow it up by calling these two ministers an evil influence is disgraceful behavior by someone who claims the title of being a uniter and not a divider," Land said.

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