September 29, 1999

A redemptive touch in a confusing world

___San Marcos Baptist Academy, a part of the Christian Education Coordinating Board of the Baptist General Convention of Texas, is a Christian-based boarding and day school for students in grades 6-12.
___We are an institution of academic excellence and breadth. The Carroll Advanced Placement Program gives gifted students an opportunity to become competitive for admission to outstanding universities and to earn college credits by examination. The

Baines Program includes a college preparatory track, an English as a Second Language program and an Enhanced Learning Program for students with mild learning difficulties.
___The average class size of 11 students allows gifted teachers to provide personal attention to student needs. When the academy has surveyed parents about why they have sent their students to us, the majority have responded: "your school's positive learning environment."
___We are a school that trains leaders. The Junior ROTC and C.O.E.D.S. programs provide structure and discipline for students and offer them a tremendous opportunity to develop relational, leadership and serving skills.
___We also are an institution that confronts contemporary issues and needs. Families and students consider a boarding school for a variety of reasons. Some are looking for academic enrichment programs. Others are looking for positive alternatives to adjustment and academic issues in local schools. Many families are seeking a Christian environment in which intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development can be encouraged.
___A large number of people have erroneously concluded that the academy's programs are designed for troubled young people. Many students at the academy, like most of the adolescents in our society, have to confront a variety of personal developmental issues. The academy does not admit students who are unable to work on grade level, who have been expelled from a previous school or who have a history of difficulties with civil authorities.
___Above all, San Marcos Baptist Academy is a school that intentionally and openly shares the message of the love and life of Jesus Christ. This calling is carried out in a variety of programs and activities. For example, in our all-school revival, about 60 students made faith commitments. A large number of those were first-time decisions to follow Christ. Regular Wednesday chapel, Sunday worship services, weeknight Bible studies, a DiscipleNow weekend, local mission projects and a Mexico mission trip all are part of the programs led by the campus minister.
___Thank you, Texas Baptists, for your support of this school. In a world that is incredibly complex and confusing for adolescents, you are helping us to touch young lives in redemptive and faith-centered ways!


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