September 29, 1999


"When I act, who can reverse it?"
bluebullIsaiah 43:13

___Change, we make jokes about it, we fear or embrace it, or try to ignore it. Still, the fact is, change continues to occur no matter how we chose or not chose to respond to it. Scientists now tell us from their theoretical perspective that change may be the only certainty. Sadly, the scientist can only make observations from a limited perspective. For you see, change itself is under control of the ultimate absolute of creation. Change is under the control of God.
___Chapter 43 of Isaiah can be divided into two parts. The first part deals with what God

has done for his chosen. It speaks of his protection and presence. It gives insight into God’s view of our value and howquestions God’s chosen people have captured His heart. It promises the presence of God. God will rescue and gather should there be a scattering or threat. The second half of the chapter continues to speaks of God’s love and faithfulness, but it also indicates God’s people have, would, and will fail and fall. In the middle of the chapter is our verse. When I act, who can reverse it?
___This is a verse we need to keep close to our hearts in these times of change. Especially when the changes in our culture are so hostile to our faith. In a study conducted by the Eisenhower Foundation, it was found that the top five influential factors in a young person’s life from 1950-1980 were home, school, church, peers, and television. In 1980 the order switched to home, TV, school, peers, church. In 1990 list changed drastically. The order of influence is now peers, TV, home, school. The church didn’t even make the top five. We have conflict, disunity, distrust and even violence in our churches today. Chaos seems to reign. I think we can easily find a comparison to the failures of chapter 43 and our own culture today. What’s going to happen?
___Have you seen the wonderful computer generated pictures called "fractals". They are full of patterns and colors and symmetry and beauty. These fractals are created by a mathematical formula in which a small continuous change is introduced. A first we the fractal is made, it looks like it is nothing a chaos, but with time, the mathematical formula creates a thing of beauty.
___Our culture seems chaotic. Sin is the primary factor. Sin has brought suffering, anxiety, sorrow, and death. Sin drives a lost culture, a post-Christian culture. Still, God has acted and is in the midst of change doing what he said he would do in Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Who can reverse this? God has acted in His son to bring us salvation. God acted and has given his church the Holy Spirit to bring his Kingdom to all. God has told us he will act and even out of the chaos of these last days we can be certain love, grace, and faith will bring all change to what God has determined will be.

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