September 29, 1999

Hardin-Simmons University:
Bringing, teaching, training: all for Christ

___"To bring young men and women to Christ; to teach them of Christ; to train them for Christ."
___With these words, the founders of Simmons College launched a new educational venture in 1891 that would positively impact the lives of countless young people in the century to follow and beyond.
___Today, these purposes remain steadfast principles of Hardin-Simmons University as the institution continues to "bring young men and women to Christ" in record numbers.

Over the last five years, HSU's enrollment has averaged 2,324, an 18.6 percent increase over the previous five-year average. With the help of Texas Baptist churches and loyal alumni, recruiting efforts have proven successful. Bringing "young men and women to Christ" remains central.
___HSU strives to "teach them of Christ" in a variety of ways. Each HSU student is required to enroll in two courses, Old Testament Survey and New Testament Survey, taught by members of an outstanding faculty in the Logsdon School of Theology. Students are challenged to explore the Scriptures and apply God's word in their daily lives. In addition, students are encouraged to learn more "of Christ" through Baptist Student Ministries' activities, chapel participation, missions projects, Bible studies and an intercessory prayer ministry. Students also learn through interaction with dedicated faculty and staff who exemplify Christian principles.
___Hardin-Simmons University continues to "train them for Christ." More than 50 undergraduate programs of study are available, as well as 19 graduate programs.
___Soon to be completed is the Connally Missions Center that will offer exciting opportunities for exposure to missions experiences.
___The Christian higher education experience is designed to meet critical needs. In today's world, societal dysfunction and unethical behavior abound, underscoring the relevance of a Christian-based, values-centered education.
___People desire "higher learning," but they also have a "higher yearning." Since 1941, HSU has been proud to partner with Texas Baptists in responding to that "higher yearning." Texas Baptists have contributed over $30 million to support Hardin-Simmons' efforts to deliver a quality education experience in an atmosphere that is intentionally Christian. In addition, Texas Baptists have recruited thousands of students for HSU, have prayed for our university and have encouraged us as we endeavor to carry out our mission.
___We look forward to a bright future as HSU and Texas Baptists work together to continue "to bring young men and women to Christ; to teach them of Christ and to train them for Christ." As we boldly face the future, we thank God for our founders and for the Texas Baptists of today.


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