September 29, 1999

East Texas Baptist University:
World of opportunity, community of faith

___East Texas Baptist University has provided quality Christian higher education for Texas Baptists since 1915. We continue our commitment by offering "A World of Opportunity in a Community of Faith."
___As a Christian liberal arts university, we have much for which to be thankful. The faculty, staff, students and alumni are blessed to be associated with a college that has been

described as being distinctively Christian and unashamedly Baptist. God has abundantly blessed ETBU.
___In the last 10 years, ETBU has had many accomplishments. Fourteen major construction projects with seven new buildings and campus improvements totaling over $25 million have been completed. A growing number of international students from 26 countries attend ETBU, and we are blessed with their cultural diversity. The University Choir completed a successful performance tour in Europe.
___During the past year, over 100 ETBU students served in missions in the United States and abroad. And the university completed the year in a positive financial condition for the 14th consecutive year.
___Our students are interested in attending a Christian university, for at ETBU, they will have a world of opportunity with 26 majors offered in six academic divisions and 13 departments. Our community of faith consists of Christian faculty who promote the integration of faith and learning and staff who are committed to providing a Christian atmosphere.
___We have pride in the accomplishments of our university, but the challenges are daunting. Texas students should have a choice between secular and Christian higher education, and only through the support of Texas Baptists can students have a choice to attend ETBU. A secure Christian campus, a Christian faculty, well-maintained buildings, state-of-the-art technology, quality residential halls and a student activities program for students who need a respite from their studies are all available.
___We are proud of our students. Our trustees work with the university to keep the cost of education down and make it affordable.
___Religion, education and business continue to be the three largest majors at ETBU. Our graduates are prepared to enter their professions and go about their responsibilities in a distinctively Christian manner--thus continuing the influence of East Texas Baptist University into churches, schools and corporations around the world.
___East Texas Baptist University has influenced the lives of thousands of young people and the institutions that our graduates serve. This is an awesome responsibility, but we accept that responsibility jointly with Texas Baptists, providing a quality Christian education to young people from around the world.


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