Building a Partnership
to Communicate God's Vision

Your newsletter serves as a window to the heart of your church.
It not only communicates important information about church programs and events, but it also keeps your members in touch with the heartbeat of your church family.

The Baptist Standard's Newsletter Service supports churches all over Texas in the production of their newsletters. Now, because of several advancements in digital and printing technologies, we are able to offer an even wider range of services to churches of all sizes.

___Special Subscription Rates
___We offer special subscription rates for churches that combine their newsletters with the Baptist Standard. The regular subscription rate is $8.65.
We're proud of our new Oce 3165 printers. We've got two of them, and they'll give you a crisper, sharper newsletter!
Our special subscription rate for newsletter churches is $8.40 for all fifty issues of the Standard.

___Digital Printing
___At the center of our new service is our improved digital printing capability. We have purchased two state-of-the-art digital printers that combine digital imaging capability with new high-resolution printing technology to yield a truly elegant reproduction of both photos and type. The process bonds ink into the fiber of the paper at resolutions far beyond both xerographic copiers and short-run office presses. Your photos will have new snap and a much longer tonal range--that means no more photos with coarse screens and filled-in shadows.

___New Paper Choices
___The real excitement is in the paper choices! Now, your church's newsletter can be printed on white 50# book-stock paper or colored paper stock in the Basic Service. Newsprint for newsletters is a thing of the past. You'll also have the choice of either wrapping your newsletter on the outside of the Standard or inserting it into the fold. And to give a finished look, the combined publications will be securely tabbed.

___Addressing Technology
___The address will have a different look too! We are adding new ink-jet equipment that will spray on each address along with the postal delivery information and bar codes. This new technology will decrease the time required for an address change to be made and speed the postal processing of each Standard. This means no more labels and faster turnaround in the post office.

___New Choices
___Here are some of the reasons your church or organization should consider letting the Baptist Standard be your newsletter service bureau:
___Multiple formats--The format of your newsletter can change from week to week to fit the amount of news you have and your church's budget. Now you'll be able to print a single letter-sized page, four letter-sized pages, or you can have four pages in the Standard's tabloid format on special white book- stock paper using an additional ink color.
___Create your own identity--By combining your newsletter into the fold of the Standard, you'll be able to use your church's own graphic design without including the Standard's banner.
___Multiple paper stocks--Since each newsletter is printed on individual sheets, you'll have a choice of paper colors in the basic service; no more newsprint! We can even print your newsletter on our pre-printed shell our use yours.
___Digital data transfer--We've added new Internet features that make us even more accessible to your church's computer. That means sending your church newsletter electronically will be faster and easier.
___Editor training--We offer a workshop each year for your church's newsletter editor. The workshop teaches the basics of newsletter design and production along with special information about Internet use and resources.


Call David Clanton at (800) 749-4610 ext. 15
or e-mail for more details and pricing.

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