September 15, 1999

Volunteers sought for open
door in Taiwan, Japan & Korea

___ABILENE--Baptist leaders in East Asia are pleading with Texas Baptists to help spread revival in their homelands, reported Dub and Doris Jackson, Asia crusade coordinators for the Southern Baptist International Mission Board.
___"Our churches have stopped growing. Will you please send 1,000 Christians from 100 U.S. congregations?" asked Chul Key Baek, president of the Korean Baptist Home Mission Board. "We pray this will reverse this slide and see nationwide revival come to Korea."
___Similar requests also are coming from Japan and Taiwan, Dub Jackson said.
___"The invitation has not always been there, and they do not know how long the opportunity will be there," he noted. "All three of the Asian nations are calling for partnership campaigns now, and they could be out of our reach at any time. They urged us to come now, for they felt the time was now and their situations are critical."
___The Jacksons are asking for Baptist teams of eight to 10 people, including a preacher, for the following locations and dates:
___bluebull Five teams to Taiwan, Nov. 3-15, 1999.
___"Taiwan, which seemingly has been abandoned by most of the free world because of the free world's desire for commerce with Taiwan's enemy, could be taken over in a moment by China," Jackson warned. "Their request rings loud in our ears and in our hearts, and we pray we will not fail them."
___An additional Taiwan trip is slated for the spring of 2001.
___bluebull Twenty teams to Japan, June 21-July 3, 2000.
___Japanese Baptist leaders have high hopes for this crusade, Jackson said. "It is their prayer that this will be the spark that ignites nationwide revival. Many ex-servicemen and many young people should be ready to be a part of this spiritual battle. It is a battle where victory is guaranteed to those who go believing and asking for victory."
___bluebull One hundred teams to South Korea, Oct. 25-Nov. 6, 2000.
___"What we need today is loving, warm-hearted and compassionate Christians who will say: 'Yes, Lord, use me. I am ready to share. I want to share my faith,'" Jackson said.
___"You can go now," he added. "The door is open, the people have invited you to come, and God has commanded us, 'Go, and I will go with you!'
___"There is plenty of time for victory if those of us who are called and impressed to go respond today."
___The Jacksons also have requested Korean teams to come to the United States in hopes of sparking revival.
___"We told them it was our belief that no country in the world was in more need of revival than our own America," Jackson said. "We asked them to pray for us and to consider bringing at least 1,000 praying Korean Christians to the United States to help us experience nationwide revival."
___For more information, contact the Jacksons at 2426 Spyglass Hill Ct., Abilene 79606; phone (915) 677-2500; fax (915) 698-4000; e-mail 110657.330@compuserve.com.
___By Jenny Rogers of the International Mission Board and Marv Knox of the Baptist Standard.


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