September 1, 1999

BENJAMIN KIM (left) of Dallas Baptist Association and Bong Hee Han of Texas Baptist Men present four boxes of medicine to representatives of the Go-Eup-Lee Cooperative Farm in North Korea.

Texans deliver aid to North Korea
___Two Korean Texas Baptists recently returned from North Korea, where they supervised the delivery of 150 tons of fertilizer and four boxes of medicine. Benjamin Kim, Asian church consultant for Dallas Baptist Association and assistant director of the Korean Baptist Fellowship of Texas, and Bong Hee Han of Tyler, vice president of Texas Baptist Men, delivered the supplies to the Go Eup-Lee Cooperative Farm.
___Both Texas Baptist organizations have been working with the farm to boost crop yields and provide famine relief since 1997.
___About 4,500 people live on the 1,680-acre farm, about 16 miles southeast of Pyong Yang, North Korea's capital.
___The Korean Texas Baptists learned that the farm's greatest needs now are 28 tractor tires, another 150 tons of fertilizer, about 3,000 meters of 60-to 80-mm vinyl pipe and vinyl covering to protect plants from cold weather.


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