August 4, 1999

Through Journeyman service,
Texas teacher learns, 'I know nothing'

___By Tobin Perry
___SBC International Mission Board
___AMMAN, Jordan (BP)--Amal couldn't shake the dream she had the night before. Mohammed was standing at the gate of heaven. There were angels all around the gate, and she asked Mohammed, "Am I going to heaven?"
___"Look in your book of rights and wrongs," Mohammed told her.
___She looked in her book and couldn't find an answer. Again she asked Mohammed. This time he told her he didn't know. Then he turned and talked to a dark spirit.
___That's when Amal awoke.
___The next day Amal (whose real name is not used here for security reasons) went to her teacher, Laci Reid, at a school in Amman and told her about her dream. Recently Reid and her students had discussed angels in class.
___"She had a lot of questions," Reid said. "She didn't know exactly what (the dream) meant, but she knew it was bad."
___It's conversations like this that make Reid's two-year commitment to teach music in Amman seem worthwhile. As a journeyman missionary with the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, Reid doesn't like to pass up opportunities to share spiritual truth with her mostly Muslim students in Amman.
___Reid teaches a little of everything in Amman, including music theory, band (which she also plays in), children's choir and a variety of other classes as needed. She also teaches music at the Amman Baptist School.
___A Baylor University graduate and a member of Forest Town Baptist Church in Kilgore, she worked as a teacher in the Waco area for the three years between graduatingfrom college and being appointed by the IMB. It was in her third year of teaching after college that she felt God nudge her toward overseas missions.
___"It was sort of the next step," Reid said. "One of my youth directors in high school really was into missions, and he introduced to us the whole missions program: summer missions, International Service Corps, journeyman. I'd done summer missions and tried for three years to be right with the Journeyman program. Finally, I did."
___One of the most exciting activities Reid has been a part of in her first year on the field was the Christmas concert, where children from four countries and a nearby orphanage got together to sing Christian songs in the Muslim country.
___"They were amazing," she said. "They were able to sing well with no training. It was awesome."
___Reid tries to slip spiritual truth into her classroom as often as she can. One of the best ways she has found to do that is in her music history class.
___"When you are talking about composers' lives, there's always sacred music there," Reid said. "That's one way I've found to introduce God into the classroom."
___Even though the last year has been a great time of transition, it's also been a time of great peace in her life, Reid said, because she knows this is where God wants her. For her, the journeyman experience has been life-changing.
___"It's a short-term opportunity to find out what missions is all about," she said. "And it expands your world view. After summer missions, you think you know so much about the world. After three months over here, you realize, 'I know nothing!'"

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