August 4, 1999

Baptist Church Loan Corp. facts
___ An independent arm of the Baptist General Convention of Texas, the church loan corporation is governed by a board of directors appointed by the BGCT Executive Board.
___ The corporation takes no funding from the BGCT or Cooperative Program. The initial money fronted by the BGCT to found the corporation in 1951 was repaid years ago.
___ 23 percent of loans are made to congregations five years of age or younger.
___ Last year, the average size of a loan was $250,000.
___ The largest loan available from the corporation is $3 million, although special programs can be created for churches with larger needs.
___ Most loans are drawn on 15-year notes, but the typical payoff time is seven years.
___ For more information on the Baptist Church Loan Corp., call (214) 828-5140.

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