August 4, 1999

More help needed with flood
relief efforts in DeWitt County
___By George Henson
___Staff Writer
___A steady stream of volunteers has been coming to help the people of DeWitt County recover from the flood that hit in October of last year, but now that stream has dried up and the work is not nearly complete, according to Pauline Kuecker of DeWitt County Cares Inc.
___Kuecker, volunteer coordinator for the recovery process, said the job is only about half complete, and many people will not be able to restore their homes without help.
___"We need help rebuilding these homes. Most of the people here received money that will pay for materials, but not the actual labor of repairing their homes," she explained.
___Lutheran Disaster Response and Christian Aid Ministries are supplying trained builders to oversee volunteer groups and offer expertise, but without the help of volunteers, the job is just too large. Relief officials estimate with volunteers the work will take another year or more.
___"There are still many needs to be met. Many homes are in various stages of repair," Kuecker said. "Homeowners are at a loss as to how they will be able to finish restoring their homes so they can return with their families to them. In many cases, the only way this can happen is through volunteer labor."
___Among the types of skilled laborers being sought are carpenter framers, finishing carpenters, plumbers, electricians, drywall installers and finishers, roofers, equipment and operators for site preparation and painters.
___Certification is not required if no fees are charged, but work does need to be up to city code and approved by the city's building inspector.
___To inquire about needs, contact Kuecker at (877) 840-3904.

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