July 21, 1999

Texas Men in Kosovo, Kenya & Korea
___By Ken Camp
___Texas Baptist Communications
___Texas Baptist Men volunteers are seeking to answer "God's invitation to join in his activity" by ministering among Kosovars, Kenyans and Koreans this summer, according to Executive Director Jim Furgerson.
___Two groups are focused on ministries related to the Kosovar refugee crisis. An eight-member team served in Macedonia from June 27 to July 13. Ten volunteers were scheduled to leave the United States for Albania July 19, and half of that group anticipates serving in Kosovo.
___The two groups were breaking down bulk food into individual family packs and distributing the supplies to Kosovar refugees who remain in neighboring countries.
___However, as many refugees return to Kosovo, much of the ministry has turned to Christian families in Albania and Macedonia who had opened their homes and shared meager resources with the Kosovars, Furgerson noted.
___"These are Christian brothers and sisters who are hurting now," he explained.
___Two members of the Macedonia-based team accompanied Kyle Kirkpatrick, a Southern Baptist missionary, on a fact-finding trip into Kosovo. Warren Hart, director of missions for Red River Valley Baptist Association in Paris, and Vic Barris of First Baptist Church in Beeville, worked with the missionary to assess needs and explore future ministry opportunities in Kosovo.
___The crew scheduled to work in Albania and Kosovo includes A.G. and David Faulkner of First Baptist Church in Carrollton; Don and Josh Treadwell from Calvary Baptist Church in Seagoville; Terry Lee and Greg Morris from First Baptist Church of Marble Falls; and Gary Fisher, Kelly Moore, Stephen Ancira and Andy Thompson from First Baptist Church of Godley.
___Meanwhile, eight Challengers and sponsors will be serving in Kenya, July 14 to Aug. 7. The high school-aged young men are erecting pole buildings for Kenyan Baptist churches to use as meeting houses.
___The team working in Kenya is Jeff and Greg Conn of First Baptist Church in Hereford; Sam Dunkin of First Baptist Church in McDade; Jeff Lee of South Oaks Baptist Church in Arlington; and Luke Crowson, Charles Lucenay, Charles Orr and Tim Ring from First Baptist Church of Longview.
___Earlier this summer, seven Challengers and three adult sponsors spent two weeks in Belize working on a construction project at the Baptist Training Center. The young men also conducted vacation Bible school-style activities at a Christian camp that drew 120 Mayan youth and children.
___Benjamin Kim, Asian church consultant with Dallas Baptist Association, and Bon Hee Han of Tyler, vice president for the Korean fellowship of Texas Baptist Men, were slated to return to the United States from North Korea late last week.
___The Korean Texas Baptists delivered 150 tons of fertilizer and medicines to the Go-Eup cooperative farm, about 16 miles from the capital city of Pyung Yang.
___Texas Baptist Men and the Korean Baptist Fellowship of Texas have supported the farm's agricultural development projects as part of an ongoing famine relief effort in North Korea.

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