July 14, 1999

Texans picked for state
& national CBF posts

___Eighteen Texas Baptists assumed or were elected to state or national Cooperative Baptist Fellowship offices in Birmingham.
___bluebull Dean Dickens of Garland and Judy Battles of Arlington were elected to the CBF Coordinating Council for 1999-2002.
___bluebull Mark Newton of San Antonio and Dick Hurst of Tyler were elected to the Coordinating Council for 2000-2003.
___bluebull Amelia Bishop of Austin became state CBF convener.
___bluebull Kyle Henderson of Athens was chosen convener-elect.
___bluebull Kerry Horn of Covington was elected state secretary.
___bluebull New state steering committee members with terms from 1999 to 2001 are Brent Beasley, Eagle Lake; Patti Hockett, Houston; Steve Gooch, Dallas; Patsy Pentecost, Port LaVaca; Fran Porter, Waco; Bill Shiell, McGregor.
___bluebull State steering committee members with 1999-2002 terms are William Byrd, Tyler; Bill Ballou, Abilene; Keith Herron, San Antonio; Hulitt Gloer, Corpus Christi; and Al Flores, San Antonio.


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