June 30, 1999

DBU offering accredited
online courses for 'cyber students'

___By George Henson
___Staff Writer
___DALLAS--Dallas Baptist University is moving toward the millennium at 56K and taking some of its students along with it.
___The university linked with eCollege.com last month to offer accredited undergraduate and graduate level courses.
virtual___Kaye Shelton, faculty systems coordinator, said the on-line courses are proving to be quite popular. Six courses will be offered this summer, and three of those filled immediately, she reported.
___The university's first foray into cyber education was in the fall of 1998 when it offered the school's "Foundations for Lifelong Learning" course. This portfolio-type program allows students to earn up to 30 hours of academic credit for life and work experience. In addition to the six new courses added this summer, eight more will be added in the fall.
___The courses offered ultimately will be enough to earn a bachelor's degree or master's degree in business administration.
___The on-line courses are more expensive, about $120 more per course, than classroom instruction because of the fees paid to eCollege.com, but Shelton said the extra cost is worth it for many students. "It does cost a little more, but with that comes the advantage of being able to work from home and saving childcare and other expenses," she said.
___Valerie Yaw, one of DBU's cyber students, agreed.
___"Just the fact that these courses were available on-line inspired me to complete my degree," she said.
___Yaw, a member of Tate Springs Baptist Church in Arlington, said she and her husband, Mike, travel a lot doing mission work, and this will allow her to continue progress on her degree. This summer, they will be delivering the "Jesus" film to Caribbean islands in their sailboat, but with the magic of the Internet, she will be able to continue her studies.
___"If this hadn't been offered as an on-line course, I probably would not have been able to do it," she said.
___Shelton said the ability to enroll students around the world is one of the attractions of the program. "The boundaries are broadened so much."
___But students still will get a distinctive DBU education, she said. "DBU will still be doing what DBU does best--the integration of faith and learning. These students will still have professors who pray for them, just like the ones who will sit in the classroom.
___For more information about DBU's on-line courses, e-mail online@dbu.edu or call (800) 460-8188.


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