June 23, 1999

White criticizes media coverage of him
___By Jeff Huett
___Associated Baptist Press
___ATLANTA (ABP)--While blasting what he perceives as unfair media treatment over his recent statements about the homosexual lifestyle, future NFL Hall of Famer and current Green Bay Packer Reggie White said June 16 it is time for all Christian denominations to
band together to reach people for Christ.
___Speaking at the final session of the 1999 Southern Baptist Convention, White lashed out at the media, which he claims misrepresented his statements regarding homosexuality.
___Specifically, White responded to a recent article in USA Today, which he claims, says he has "criticized" the gay lifestyle.
___"I've never criticized the gay lifestyle," White said. "I've only proclaimed what God said himself." Quoting Bible verses in Leviticus and Romans, White added: "God said it, not Reggie White."
___White urged the media to report more on people who have come out of the lifestyle instead of those who are in it.
___"I have no problem with anyone living the way they want to, but when you bring it out and try to push those principles on my children, I just can't be quiet," he said.
___White then expressed concern over divisions in the Christian church, noting there are more than 20,000 Christian denominations worldwide. "We've got a problem. We've got a major problem," he said.
___God calls for Christians to love one another, White said, but many Christians do not obey. "We don't care for each other, and we don't watch each other's backs," he said, illustrating with a football analogy.
___"When I'm on the field and I see a black guy getting ready to take (Green Bay Packers quarterback) Brett Favre out, I take the (defender) out before he lays Brett out. It's about winning the game. We love each other and help each other."

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