June 23, 1999

NAMB report urges families as lighthouses
___By James Dotson
___SBC North American Mission Board
___ATLANTA (BP)--More than 1,350 Southern Baptists agreed to make their homes "Lighthouses of Prayer" June 14--a commitment that includes praying for, caring for and sharing Christ with a
total of more than 27,000 families in their respective neighborhoods.
___The written commitments came at the close of the North American Mission Board's annual presentation to the Southern Baptist Convention.
___NAMB President Bob Reccord repeatedly hammered home a three-part plan for mobilizing Southern Baptists in the task of reaching the United States and Canada. "Every Christian can share Christ, every family can be a Lighthouse of Prayer and every church can start a church," he said.
___"Not every Christian is called to leave home and be a missionary out there somewhere, but every Christian is called to be on mission at home and from their home."
___The audience of more than 7,000 stood and applauded Brad and Missy Bernall for well over a minute as they took the platform with Reccord. They are the parents of slain Columbine High School student Cassie Bernall.
___Reccord asked them how they had managed to make their own home a lighthouse, even in tragedy.
___"You don't do it by yourself," Brad Bernall said in a halting voice. "If we didn't have the faith in the Lord Jesus, we would never have gotten through it. If we didn't have all of our friends at the church pulling for us, we wouldn't have gotten through it."
___Cassie Bernall has been hailed as a Christian martyr because of her affirmation of faith in God as she was shot.
___The Bernalls spoke of their own struggles in raising their children, including dealing with Cassie when she began experimenting with drugs, alcohol and even witchcraft before she made a life-changing commitment to Jesus Christ.
___Their home continues to be a "lighthouse" for Christ, Brad Bernall said. "We have scores of kids coming in and out all the time. We know the people in our neighborhood ... and I think that through all of this they know that we have something real and valuable."

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