June 23, 1999

1,400 decisions recorded in Crossover
___ATLANTA (BP)--More than 1,400 professions of faith were recorded in Crossover Atlanta, the Southern Baptist Convention's annual effort to impact its convention host city with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
___All the Crossover activities were part of a five-month evangelism, ministry and church-starting effort known as Arms Around Atlanta.
___By far the largest number of professions of faith coming from the Crossover effort were from the Inner-City Evangelism team--ICE for short--a group of trained street evangelists sponsored by the North American Mission Board. With a five-day head start on most of the events, which were held June 12, the team reported more than 1,300 professions of faith during its first week.
___The ICE ministry actually has its roots in the previous Crossover Atlanta in 1995, when Art Stacer and two other street evangelists from San Antonio introduced their methods to Southern Baptists.
___During one afternoon visit to an Atlanta neighborhood, Mark Pallotto, an ICE volunteer from San Antonio, knelt with his bare knees on a concrete porch, telling a group of boys about Christ. Eventually, they bowed to pray, and the boys repeated words of repentance and acceptance of Christ.
___Pallotto talked with enthusiasm about the evangelistic effort. "It's gnarly. It's radical," said the 24-year-old house painter. Travis Johnson, another ICE member from San Antonio, called it "intense, full-blown, anointed, power-packed, in-your-face evangelism."

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