October 6, 1999

Texas Baptists called
to join Wedgwood in prayer

___FORT WORTH--The pastor of Fort Worth's Wedgwood Baptist Church has asked his congregation to spend 40 days in prayer for spiritual awakening, and a Texas Baptist prayer leader is encouraging other churches to join them.
___"What has emerged from the tragic shooting in our church on Sept. 15 is a clear message of hope and faith in our God, even in the darkest of hours," said Pastor Al Meredith. "I have called our people to 40 days of concerted prayer for spiritual awakening in our nation, Sept. 28-Nov. 7. I invite others to join us."
___Ted Elmore, prayer coordinator for the Baptist General Convention of Texas, encourages Texas Baptists to join in the time of prayer. The 40 days coincide with the weeks leading up to the BGCT annual meeting in El Paso, Nov. 8-9.
___"I believe God has placed Pastor Al Meredith and the people of Wedgwood in a unique position. Not only are they seeking God out of their own hurt and desperation, but the eyes of the state--indeed, the nation--are on Wedgwood," Elmore said. "I would hope many Texas Baptists will join them in seeking God."


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